The Gild Hall Party Treatise


A clogged toilet is the least of anyone’s problems when I deejay. Charge the frequent bathroom visits due to excessive drinking as collateral damage. It’s the kind worth having when business is booming. I’ll honestly say I haven’t caused that other overcrowded mess between the dancefloor and the queue for the bar in about three years. Back in 2007, TriBeCa was home to my last streak of crowd pleasing at NoVo, now a ghost of that area’s forgotten good times. Since then, I’ve been the one-night stand to many nightclubs recently, contributing 2-hour deejay sets despite the more I was willing to give. After a while, being a fair-weather fling to a profession I realized I actually loved became the norm. All that is about to change because I’ve been hired to spin weekly at the Thompson Hotel’s Gild Hall location in New York’s Financial District, an untapped oasis for fun. Oh, FYI, hotels are the new “it” parties in Manhattan. With that in mind, why wouldn’t anyone make hotel hopping part of their weekend regimen? At least for the one I’m a part of, there’s no pretentious nonsense like guest lists, passwords, or snooty door people. Like most of my opportunities to entertain, I’m a little verbose with how I chose to tell people simple things like: “Hey come hear me deejay” or “Save “x” date for a night with moi.” My time is short here, so I’ve spared you another paragraph of over-thought feelings about my place in the world. Rather, I figured a funny way to lure in party-goers is with a .gif of Paul Shaffer playing to an audience of Carly Simon and Hunter S. Thompson during an interview with David Letterman. It’s only funny to me 1) because I laugh at all my own jokes, 2) most .gif images have at least one absurd nuance worthy of gratuitous looping, and 3) I had to find some way to link Dr. Thompson, Thompson Hotel, and the physical and mental escape the venue’s ambience promises. See you next week Black Friday at Gild Hall or in the funny pages.

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