The Knux Got F!RE for Prop 19

Life in a cage.

Vote “Yes on 19?” Today, as hazy as the outlook is on marijuana getting legalized—for adults over 21—in California, at least weed made it far enough for legislators to have a pow-wow on it. Meanwhile, The Knux (Joey Lestrat and Krispy Kreme) are having a conversation of their own in a testimonial about getting stoned. “Walk on water on the acid trips, sativa ease the stress like a blow job… shit. I’m all about em-betterment, the skinny chicks in big hats I wanna jump your skeletons,” says Joey. “Medusa” is as loose and relaxed as a non-confrontational campaign for Prop 19, without being preachy about the political cause. That’s actually the second best approach; the first was crafting a sleepy beat with cadence dragging me back to “F!RE (Put It In The Air)” from their debut, Remind Me In 3 Days. Fall into “Medusa” after the jump.

The Knux, “Medusa (Let’s Get Stoned)”

Download at

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