30 Photoshop Projects from the Mind of DJ Treats

Color me bad

Over the past two years, the section tabs on DJTREATS.COM serve as a pretty informative guide to my media experience. Sorry if there isn’t a category dedicated to the smiles left on the faces leaving parties I’ve deejayed. Somewhere out there, whether on Facebook or over rounds of drinks between friends, folks are sharing play-by-play accounts of most memorable “hook-ups” and of course, most regrettable “hook-ups.” Here I’ve compiled Published Work, Recordings (i.e. mixtapes) as a great entry point for my skill set, but Photoshopping some of my ideas has been missing for much too long. After clicking through the Complex list of “50 Favorite Moments In Photoshop History“, I needed to fill the gaping hole in my résumé for the visual aids accompanying my portfolio of articles. Thanks to the power of Adobe, I’ve been able to make some of my most off-the-wall ideas a little more concrete. Some of these I’m very proud of; the others, well, I’m a little shy about considering I was a novice learning the tricks of Photoshop’s Magic Wand feature. I also can’t take all the credit for top-tiered Photoshops like “There Will Be Moustaches”, which I only assisted in by getting a photo to my homie Bfred. Aside from that, most of the fun lies in thinking outside the box by layering jokes in a photo collage that already says 1,000 words, before the jump.

#1: Usher’s Greatest Neptunes Collaborations Time Forgot

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