To the Nines: Ingrid Campos


Today is Friday, a day after yesterday’s kick off of Fashion’s Night Out. Ah, my hangover isn’t that painful after all. My memory serves me correct: I didn’t actually pop up at any swanky parties connected to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week—I’m just not on the mailing list for those kind of soirees. One person I know able to get the keys to the posh life this time of year is Ingrid. If appearances are everything, then she’s the smartly dressed person you could pick out of a line, rush her to the front because she looks like she belongs there. I credit that to Ingrid’s gallery of style icons on her website, CustomFad. I nudged that I’d do some special entries for “To the Nines,” exclusively for the fall season. See how she responds to this round of questions.

name: Ingrid Campos

occupation: Female Warrior

location: Repping BK to the fullest but I still belong to Queens.

favorite brand: Hmmm don’t have a favorite but I can say I’ve been obsessed with CHANEL especially. Vintage pieces, although my pockets ain’t down with that. I did splurge on a pair of over-sized stud earrings that are dear to me. When it comes to clothes, I began to go for what fits right and not necessarily a brand. I have a soft spot for few designers though, like Oscar de La Renta, Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu, Hayder Ackerman, Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren. Oh! And blazers!! Just can’t get enough.

daily shopping attire: Lately I’ve been rocking these Indigo Red cargo shorts I found at a sample sale for 3 dollars, cotton V-neck T-shirts and skippies. Comfort clothing.

who would you rather sit next to, front row at fashion week? Michelle Obama and my longtime crush James Franco.

name the last thing you bought “vintage.” I Found a black purse with a Gold Jaguar on it (breathtaking) at Buffalo Exchange in Chicago.

what’s the sketchiest dressing room you’ve ever been in? I have to say a sample sale right outside a church.

drake’s “fancy” or the-dream’s “fancy”? I’m probably the only one who’s not down with this Drake movement so I guess The-Dream’s “Fancy.”

what was the last outfit you fell asleep in? Grandma panties and a sheer lilac 3/4-sleeve shirt… yeah, I know def not the sexiest!

what song do you think isn’t on Karl Lagerfeld’s iPod? “Aguanile” by Marc Anthony and Ruben Blades’ “Plastico”

who’s the most famous person to photograph you? This journalist by the name of Sarah Vega.

what’s the most damage you’ve seen a stiletto do? Break somebody’s face. Great female weapon (go straight for the eye, ladies!).

what part of your wardrobe is envied by straight men? Good question. Recently few of my male friends had a glimpse of my wardrobe. They fall in love with my men’s plaid button down shirts and my Polo collection. Few of my military trench coats as well. Few found in thrift shops mainly Salvation Army. Also, my watches (Casio, Timex & Technomarine). I guess because I find better pieces than they can? I’m “on point,” as they say.

what fur would you drape yourself in at the request of anna wintour? None. Don’t mess with any fur but I’ll pose nude at her request. Holla Anna!

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