To the Nines: Dei Bussey


The-Dream’s quote in July’s New York Magazine on the opposite sex influencing his songwriting struck a chord with me. He said, “I’ve always had a soft spot for women because of my mom. Just their power. Man’s biggest enemy is a woman who has it in for them. I just like being around them, watching, soaking up the information, being cursed out, being put out.” Um, a little clarity: I was impressed by everything except the “put out” part. My observations though are normally focused on their their style. It’s a dark path trying to walk through the female’s subconscious trying to understand what they wear and how they wear it. Leave it to me to venture down that journey into the wonderland of their satorial thoughts. Here are those of style magnet, Dei Bussey.

[Ed. Note: New York Fashion Week is quickly approaching. A daily block of these posts from some of my well-dressed friends might be a good look.]

name: Denise R. Bussey

occupation: Freelancer in all things creative

location: I’m an ORIGINAL Brooklyn Girl

favorite brand: I was going to start naming all of these brands that give me an aspirational feeling, meaning the one’s I love but can’t afford, but I truly don’t have a favorite. I kind of have a taste for whatever I’m feeling at the moment and that usually has me falling into boutiques I encounter; Which is why I’m so happy you didn’t ask me to ‘describe my style’.

department store or boutique? Boutique

name the last thing you bought vintage: A purple envelope clutch

sketchiest dressing room you’ve ever been in? A tent at a flea market

if you were forced to speak any other language what would it be? Portuguese

what article of clothing gets the most compliments? This *summer it has to have been these ‘illusion’ sandals I have from college. There’s a single bronze/gold flower that is between my toe. It looks like that’s the only thing on my foot.

*[Ed. Note: Summer of 2009]

what’s the one item you wished you bought? and why didn’t it make the purchase?

Vintage trench coat in the most arresting color of orange. It didn’t make the cut because the fit was all off. I was in that place for a good hour trying it on, putting it back only to run back, pick it up again and try it on once more just to see if something changed. It’s for the best that I didn’t purchase it; I’d have looked like a fashionista terrorist (can I say that?)

what was the last outfit you fell asleep in? My ex’s button down that was worn as a dress during the day.

what three brands would you merge to make the perfect collaboration? Zac Posen, Vivienne Westwood and Elie Saab

what song do you think isn’t on Karl Lagerfeld’s iPod? Anything by Seal!

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