Crash Course: Scott Pilgrim’s Universe

Here we are, one year later. So much has changed since a little graphic novel series became the next uber-cool franchise. The thread of young slacker Scott Pilgrim having to defeat his girlfriend’s seven evil exes to unlock her love is the story. Universal would inevitably put some major coins behind it to bring Brian Lee O’Malley’s creation to Sony Playstation and of course the box office. In following the evolution of the graphic novels, I had fun creating my own wish list of songs fellow fans would enjoy based on the artists referred to in the author’s published playlists and his references to them on promo T-shirts worn by the characters. Fast forward a year later, we are five days away from the epic conclusion with the sixth and final book, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour due on July 20th. After the jump, I’ve laid out six ways to get re-reacquainted with Scott Pilgrim and friends.

Click here to download stream my tribute to the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel recorded in 2009.

The most important part of Scott Pilgrim’s precious little life is the music he makes with his band Sex-BOB-OMB. Most of their songs make absolutely no sense. In fact, they’re so bad, they probably have more fans in the real world than they do in the book. So to bring some of their random streams of consciousness to life is Beck, making a few appearances on the original motion picture soundrack. Here’s another little nugget from Brian Lee O’Malley:

“Edgar Wright (the director) and I were sending mix CDs back and forth in the early days (2004-5) and then just bombarding each other with MP3s as the years went by, and all of the “library” songs on the soundtrack come from those conversations. (I’m not going to talk about the newly-recorded material, since most of you haven’t heard any of it yet.)”

Click here to read BLOM’s thoughts on nine key songs. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is in stores August 10th. Click here to pre-order your copy now.

When the movie trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was released this spring, Gamervision took a comprehensive look at every detail. Why would somone go to such lengths to raise nerd flags? Well, I just answered my own question. The movie was storyboarded to mirror most of the frames from the books, not skimping at the risk of upsetting said nerds.

Toronto is going all out to celebrate the release of Volume 6, opening the doors to comic shop, The Beguiling at 12AM sharp for a party. For the second time I’m locked out of a trip to Canada. Here was the first.


IGN‘s synopsis is pretty spot on, “One man. Seven evil boyfriends. Infinite quarters.” Think Mega Man meets Super Smash Bros., mixed with the soundtrack’s white noise of 8-bit beeps and chirps that will make your fingers feel like they’re moving faster than they really are. Button-mashing is welcome.


You probably get the idea from the trailer, but here’s more in-game footage of the Ubisoft release, exclusively on the Sony Playstation Network.


Rocketship, my friendly neighborhood comic shop hosted Brian Lee O’Malley last year during New York Comic-Con for a signing of Volume 5. Click here to see other photos recapping the event on BLOM’s photostream.

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