Photo: Bushmills, Doodling Since Way Back

Photo by: Diana Levine

Hangovers have bad reputations. Of all things, they’re always considered bad! Sometimes it can be simply the choice of poison that doesn’t agree with your insides—the quality—not the the quantity. Bushmills Irish whiskey is a reminder that there are options out there for your taste buds in the wide world of brown (rum). New York is actually swimming in it with ads flooding the Lower East Side to billboards draping parts of SoHo. The smallest promotional tools of the campaign come by way of napkins with doodles of Bushmills’ faces from A-Trak and the Fool’s Gold team to Chromeo. I really can’t say that Bushmills is always on the menu for me, although my Facebook “like” status has my virtual thumbs up. I’ll skip the meandering: I was really looking for a reason to post two doodled napkins by Media Mayhem. One is of me nursing a drink (can’t remember what color liquid) and the other is of Mayhem and his gaudy chain, which is kind of envied by my Cuban Links.

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