Test Driving Social Media: Foursquare

I think I am finally over Twitter. I really never thought I’d say those words, but yes, another social media network has sparked my interest. OK the truth is: this isn’t a real breakup from micro-blogging 140 characters or less, just a simple break for me to have some space, to explore, to let my Blackberry sew it’s royal oates with another downloadable app. I could go into an “it’s not me, it’s you” diatribe, but after a while, I’d lose track of the fact that I found something sort of new, and it’s Foursquare.

This weekend was all about getting acquainted with the new location-based blogging community on Foursquare. Actually it was just Monday when I succumbed to downloading Foursquare to my Blackberry. All it took was a New York Magagzine article about the new wave of tech upstarts to seduce me into thinking there was life beyond Twitter. Foursquare opened up the feature story’s spread of creative minds photographing them in the similar kind of jubilance they probably felt when they developed the Internet’s latest cash cow. I wanted to be as happy as they seemed, at least everytime I picked up my phone to be a part of the fun, informative exchange of Twitter.

Foursquare is slightly different because it harnesses the power of your phone’s GPS to allow you to identify places and brands you visit most. Here’s the kicker: each time you check-in to any of the listed locations in their network, your presence is accounted for through a point system. Earn enough points and you are rewarded with badges that describe your user level. I ranked as a newbie, marking places like Rite Aid and my corner deli as the last places I visited, pointing out a detail from each trip for future patrons of that business. It’s like a chain of suggestion boxes for those locations that we the consumers hold the keys, to read each other’s comments, leave to-do notes, and hopefully earn a special discount because of our loyalty. You have to be crowned Mayor to get really hooked up though. Give it a whirl sometime, it might prove useful to you the next time you dine out and need to consult with friends on what dishes are best served hot or cold. Click the widget below to add Foursquare to your mobile device.

Find foursquare on AppStoreHQ.
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