Blog: The Complex Fashion Interview

This year’s model…literally. Photo by: Barnaby Roper

Theophilus London makes his debut in the new February/March issue of Complex magazine. The interview is as strong as Theo’s pose in some of the best styling in print media. We had a chance to talk in detail about the color palette he uses when writing music, and becoming Mark Ronson’s ace.

How did you find yourself collaborating with Mark Ronson?

Mark did a collabo with Gucci and designed a couple of shoes, and one of the premiere shoes was a blue boat shoe. Gucci wanted us to make a theme song. So we were like, ‘How can we make a boat shoe connection?’ It’s like, ‘Oh I know, we can compare a boat shoe to a woman, to like, love.’ On one of the lines I said, “With socks or without it’s all good.” You know how you can rock your boat shoes with socks or without? You could rock your girl, with socks or without. “Brooklyn is your neighbor—no ‘hood.’” I prefer socks though.

Fun Fact: Shortly after making waves with Ronson and Sam Sparro last fall as the supergroup Chauffeur, Theophilus and I paddled the Amstel Canal. Click here to see a clip.

Via Complex

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