The Danny Rampling Method

Only the strong…

Whenever I have a gig, one of the most frequently asked questions that I hear is, “Can you teach me how to DJ.” The answer is never as pretty as the eager face making the inquiry. Practice makes perfect, and a diverse music library (vinyl, son) are a good start, but step-by-step-for-dummies guides are probably the last source aspiring deejays are probably looking to get schooled. Everything You Need to Know About DJ’ing & Success is one of the latest books doling out the secrets to DJ Danny Rampling’s success. The cover prominently boasts Rampling’s 20-year legacy. That’s the trick though—he’s 20 years deep where newbies are not.

Sure his era stemming from the ’80s was a milestone, having benefitted from the lucrative club culture in Europe. But things have changed to where sleeping with a celebrity is a sure-fire way to the connections one needs to keep the gigs coming in. I’ll admit, even I found a few ways to making better mixtapes in just two downloaded chapters. Overall, Rampling’s how-to’s seem like no-brainers that you could pick up just by dedicating a few years to the art. Now if you really want to know where you’re going as a DJ, it’s best to know where it came from by reading Bill Brewster’s Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, then remind yourself that nothing is as easy as it looks.

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