Roy Lichtenstein’s 2010 Wall Banger

To the window to the wall!

Today is January 4th, 2010. To mark the start of the new week, in a new decade, Roy Lichtenstein’s 2010 wall calendar would help me remember that it’s not 2009 anymore; just in case of any slips when dating checks. Calendars with pin-up girls always work too, but few are tasteful enough to hang around company. That’s why a collection of Lichtenstein’s comic book-styled prints are a great upgrade. See the 12 months laid out on the back cover below. Click here to buy the calendar on Amazon.

Fun Fact:
Three rows down, the third image was used for the cover of Women In Romance: A Reader. This book is a collection of essays written by leading feminists like Virginia Wolf, and Emily Dickinson on the subject of male-female relationships (Warren Beaty!). This is currently my favorite book.

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