Sonorasaurus App Puts New Spin On Deejaying

Touch it, or not.

Ahh, what a relief, the inevitable DJ application for Apple’s iPhone and iTouch is here. True to the industry standard of Scratch Live, Sonorasaurus seems to actually do the trick when it comes to creating a user-friendly interface.

How does it hold up? Apple’s so-called DJ function of the Genius can’t walk a mile in the shoes of a real program equipped with pitch control, EQ effects, and a crossfader. Despite the fact that iTunes is blocked from being your main record crate (you have to upload songs individually to Sonorasaurus), the least of it’s problems is it’s namesake. With new innovative ways to mobilize two turntables and a mixer—from the Pacemaker to the Sono-whatever, there’s gotta be a better word for the next big thing. That aside, watch a tutorial for your next possible fixation below.

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