Download: Supreeme’s Last Testament

This is it.

It hurts to see an early curtain call. The King of Pop came close to embarking on mission impossible—50 dates in London—but MJ wasn’t really ready for the show; maybe not the world either. Next to check out (not from the Earth) is the unsung heroes of Atlanta rap, Supreeme. This summer, weeks prior to the compilation of Supreeme’s best material on Untitled, the trio morphed into a duo, due to the departure of King Self. Shaka, Supreeme’s producer, and all-around brain-trust set their latest release, God Bless The Child as the mark of the group’s definite hiatus. It’s been a grueling journey, having been signed to Warner Music Group only to have their major-label debut Gold Medallion rust in pieces. Don’t hold your breath for that. Chew on GBTC for now.

Click here to download Supreeme’s God Bless The Child album.

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