Art Brut Eddie Argos Digs Scott Pilgrim

Eddie Argos, heavy in trench warfare (second from left).

Here’s an unknown fact: Art Brut almost made it onto my Scott Pilgrim mixtape. The European rock outfit didn’t make the cut for their featured song “Fight!” so that I could save myself from creating a double-disc monster. Their lead vocalist, Eddie Argos became one of my favorites though, after hearing his ode to DC comic books on this year’s Art Brut Vs. Satan. Turns out, after flipping through last week’s A.V. Club in the Onion, Argos is a die-hard DC fan, but recently ‘nerded’ out on the Scott Pilgrim series (and Edgar Wright’s movie adaptation). Here’s what he had to say:

Actually, I follow him [Edgar Wright] on Twitter, and he was tweeting about Art Brut Vs. Satan, saying what a good album it was, so I sent him a message going, “Aw, dude, Spaced is amazing.” So we chatted a bit on Twitter, but it’d be a bit forward wouldn’t it—demanding to have our song in it? I think Bryan’s coming to see us when we play North Carolina. That’s what I love about Twitter—all these comic book writers I love, I’m now chatting with on the Internet.

Read the Onion‘s full interview here.

*Bonus: Read Eddie Argos’ first response to reading Scott Pilgrim here.

Art Brut “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” Art Brut vs. Satan (2009)

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