Jay Ryan Brings Animals and Objects to Brooklyn

jay-ryan-animals-posterRoad warrior.

Brooklyn, the one-of-a-kind borough known throughout the world as the birthplace of Biggie Smalls, and Jay-Z; home to Coney Island’s Cyclone is now synonymous with a new renaissance of rock bands. No longer is NY simply a stage for imported talent. An out-of-towner like Chicago-based visual artist Jay Ryan comes to BK to have his work stand on the same platform as today’s leading crop of guitar-wielding, melodic vocalists.

Jay was on Smith St. last night promoting his 150-page paperback collection of tour posters. Using Brooklyn comic book outpost Rocketship, as his host, Jay presented a slideshow of his illustrations dating as far back as 2005. Being a pillar to Chicago’s underground rock scene, screenprinting concert posters is where Jay Ryan got his start in 1995. Take Australia’s New Zealand’s folk weirdos, Flight of the Conchords, the Shins, or Chi-Town’s local musician Andrew Bird, Jay Ryan was one of the city’s go-to guys for their visual promos. Real recognizes real in Brooklyn, especially when they’re homegrown. In the gallery below are some of Jay’s throwback concert posters. Click here to buy a copy of Animals and Objects In and Out of Water: Posters by Jay Ryan.


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