Treat of the Week: McVitie’s Digestives

mcvitiesTeabag, anyone?

If I were stranded on a desert island, McVitie’s are coming with me. I’ll take my chances with the odds against being able boil hot water for a pot of tea, to truly enjoy Britain’s finest biscuit. It’s a healthy, crunchy, wholemeal alternative to sweet cookies or savory crackers; in this case, the backup when hunting and gathering tactics fail.

During my recent tour through London, eating McVitie’s biscuits with every cup of tea was a reflex, just like breathing. Our European neighbors turn to the premier brand—founded in Scotland—as one of the UK’s official accompanying snacks. As many as 71 million packages of McVitie’s are sold each year, for their signature semi-sweet flavor, balanced by high-levels of baking soda (aiding in digestion). Since parent company United Biscuits expanded into distributing chocolate covered digestives, and Hob Nobs (oat-based biscuits) they’ve become kings of the Queen’s pastime. See how McVitie’s bags up the competition below.

PACKAGE DESIGN: Being a UK import, you have to be in-the-know about the goodness of digestives. The problem is that the tightly bound wrapping paper doesn’t scream a mouthful of flavor at first glance. Which means, the term “digestives” can be misleading, as if it were medicine for indigestion, or worse—the runs.

CATCHPHRASE: “Wholemeal at their heart.”

STICKY FACTOR: McVitie’s is to tea, as donuts are to coffee—they are great for dunking! Despite the dainty image of drinking tea by high society, soaking up tea with biscuits is a universal tradition.




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