The Fabolous Comedy Central Archive

loso-inlivingcolor_covers“No need to hold your remote control.”

Laugh with Fabolous, not at him. The funny thing is, if Fabolous’ career were a punch line in the disgruntled county of kings (Brooklyn to be exact) it’s taken close to ten years for it to connect. Fabolous the overlooked court jester, is finally shaping up to wear the royal crown.

Oh, why so serious? The painted picture of F-A-B’s lavish lifestyle—the fabulous type—has kept him off official ‘top MC’ lists since his freestyles were staples of DJ Clue mixtapes. He rapped circles around Noreaga for an impromptu on-air battle when he was introduced to the public on Clue’s Hot 97 show The Monday Night Mixtape. His lyricism is undeniable. Yet his brain teasing one-liners isn’t enough to make him the center of attention. That is until this year, Brooklyn’s shining icon earned the industry’s respect as the 8th “Hottest MC in the game” in MTV’s roundtable discussion. It was his caravan of hit songs, wise-cracking lyricism, and above all, character that won them over. Character, yes, the overlooked side of Faboloso which is in it’s most honest form on his recent LP, Loso’s Way. Fab leaves no stone in his gaudy chain unturned, shining light on the joy of his son’s birth, balanced by the universal truth of sexual endurance to continue his string of lady-friendly hits.

A smile turns to a grimace just as easy when his wordplay draws references to one of TV’s sketch comedy institutions, In Living Color. Fabolous never sounds stale in his strategic nods to the house that the Wayans built. As witty as they are, whomever is on the receiving end has to get down or lay down—ladies, or twiggas (Fab’s terminology for lame n****s on Twitter). So, let’s put a smile on that face with a round up of some of Loso’s most note-worthy name checks to Fox’s In Living Color.

Fabolous f/ Ryan Leslie “The Fabolous Life” (Loso’s Way, 2009.)

Colorful Language: “Let me welcome you to my world. Everything’s in living color plus the fly girls. On the way and gotta watch them with a keen eye; niggas ain’t seen fly till they seen I.”


Lil Wayne f/ Fabolous & Juelz Santana “You Ain’t Got Nothin'” (The Carter III, 2008)

Colorful Language: “Go ‘head nigga, say another name, take his family for a joke, play them Wayan brother games. And I’m a get you sucka I be schemin’ with this Keenan; aimin’ with this Damon I’m puttin’ that Major Payne in. My Lil Man is on ya (Marlon and Shawn ya), lay the beef on his noodle, make some luger lasagna.”


Fabolous f/ Red Cafe – I’m The Man (From Nothin’ to Somethin’, 2007)

Colorful Language: “I work the middle, call it an inside job; the ‘hey mon’ I got ten side jobs.”


Fabolous f/ Mike Shorey “Make You Mine” (More Street Dreams, Pt. 2: The Mixtape, 2003.)

Colorful Language: “She say my man can barley move me, but boy you make me scream like a scary movie.”



Fabolous closed the six degrees of separation gap with In Living Color when he and the Fly Girl alum got right for the remix. Video below.

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