Treat of the Week: Chupa Chups

chupachup-lichtensteinSo sweet, make you wanna lick the wrapper.

“You know what it is when we’re outta town.” Chupa Chups are at the forefront of the lollipop industry. Props to Lil Wayne’s sugary mp3/ringtone (and Kanye West’s bold claim from Wayne’s “Lollipop” remix) but Barcelona‘s staple candy (on a stick) holds the title for best in the world. To take even more air out of Weezy’s balloon, the Spanish-based company is named after the word, “chupar” which means to lick. How you like them apples?

History shows the Chupa Chups company was birthed from the apple-flavored sweets company, Granja Asturias S.A. over 50 years ago. When Spaniard Enrique Bernat bought Granja, he transitioned the business to create confections that could be eaten without getting your hands dirty. Lo and behold, Bernat is revered for changing the way we eat candy. As for the origin of the association between Chupa Chups’ oral fixation, and sex, it’s like asking what came first: the chicken or the egg? That said, let’s take an in-depth look at what makes the candy giant so damn good, then watch three tongue-and-cheek advertisements below.

PACKAGE DESIGN: Enrique Bernat gravitated towards the artistry of Salvador Dali to create the daisy-shaped logo. Dali’s design blooms from the Chupa Chups wrapper, to the elaborate store displays worldwide. Another influential visionary in the ranks of the Chupa Chups brand was Roy Lichtenstein. His halftone dot style of pop art—more prevalent in comic books—adorned the gift-sized bucket seen in the image above.

CATCHPHRASE: “Life less serious.” I call it, a taste of Spain’s siesta tradition—the midday break from work.

STICKY FACTOR: With over 50 flavors to choose from, Chupa Chups’ only competition in the flavor category might be Jelly Belly. Strawberry yogurt, chocolate banana, mocha, apple mango, cola lemon are just a few that capture the essence of what those actual tastes should be, in all their 0% fat splendor…if you keep track of that sort of thing.

Traveling from country to country, Chupa Chups are known to even have chewing gum at the center, a whistle carved into the stick, or incarnated as a battery-powered toy. Yet of all the innovations created by Bernat, none are linked to any cancer-related urban legends like Blue Raspberry Blow Pops. Muchas gracias.




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