Treat of the Week: Toffiffay

Bet you can’t eat just one.

The great thing about treats is that they are more than a snack; it’s also the DJ name I’ve operated under since 1999. The idea of music and food sharing the common thread of sustenance seemed like the best way to present myself as a connoisseur of good taste.

In my travels, whether local or international, candy remains as the universal quick fix. Between the U.S., and Europe, Toffiffe (a.k.a. Toffifay) is an addictive delight, combining essential ingredients like nougat, hazelnut, dark chocolate in a caramel shell. Thank Germany for introducing the bite-sized morsels in 1973, and keeping it as a household staple for the entire family. Read below for a quick brand profile, and watch two commercials spanning it’s 30 years in the candy business.

PACKAGE DESIGN: Don’t be fooled by Toffifee’s American doppelganger, Toffiffay. The english translation of Toffifee doesn’t affect what rests inside the gold-foil tray. From single-servings of 4 pieces to a party-size of 15 or 48, the German sweet can be the gift worth giving.

SALES PITCH: : “All the candies you like—in one.” It’s like having a cornucopia all-year round.

STICKY FACTOR: Similar to the Tootsie Pop, there are layers to Toffifee—good to the last drop, which is the hazelnut at the center.



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