ONLY NY’s Lookbook Snaps DJ Treats

djtreats-onlyPhotography by Julian Goldstein

Call me biased, but I prefer my clothing to represent New York. Add ONLY NY to the list of brands from my birthplace (Supreme, aNYthing, Ducksworth). I had a chance to appear in the lookbook for the new Spring/Summer 2009 collection. My partner Jason Scott is also pictured in a few of the shots, taken by Julian Goldstein, and owner/founder Micah Belamarich. See the full description of the brand below.

ONLY NY INC. is an independent brand based out of the West side of Manhattan that offers quality goods, released in limited quantity. By combining innovative design with quality apparel, ONLY NY strives to create classic, timeless clothing. Since 1997 we have been heavily involved with NYC’s underground street culture. From years of skateboarding & writing graffiti, to sporting old school Polo and North Face, ONLY NY Embodies our roots and has been 10 years in the making. Our brand represents the hood to Park Ave. and everything in between. If you’re down with New York, your down with ONLY NY.


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