Five-City Tour with DJ Treats: St. Moritz Pt. 2

I’m on the rock. [sike!]

Tumbleweeds are the uninvited guests of nightclubs. The doors are open on a busy Friday night in St. Moritz, yet the feeling of permancence is overshadowed by the inevitable: dry shrubbery sweeping the Diamond club from memory, and out of the luxurious lap of Switzerland.

The industry of nightlife is not promised. Behind the scene of the endless lines from the entrance, passing the bar, into the bathroom, there are delicate strings holding the roof in place. Clubs are a liability that can close as easily as they open. To illustrate my point, the continuation of my tour recap is shot in black and white. The Diamond club is doing just fine, since patronizing the venue. Offering a place for would-be pole dancers to straddle, while serving exotic fire-engine red liqueur, made from vodka under the name Red Bull keeps them in business (and many other fine establishments)…for now. But it’s video profile in black and white, honors the Diamond club’s timelessness, before the clock strikes. Watch the video below.

All-year-round in St. Moritz, the party is at the Diamond club. While venues like the Kings Club (one of the main destinations) is open only during the winter, visitors flock to the part-disco, part pizzeria to get their fix. DJ Treats visits the nightclub during the off-hours as part of the second recap in the five-city international tour.

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