Fat Joe Goes Back In Time

fatjoecrackthedonBronx keeps creating it.

Fat Joe has many names. Joey Crack, Joe Crack the Don, or just CRACK. As for the titles 50 Cent and Papoose have chosen for Joseph Cartegena, let’s just say they all fall short of “legend.” 15 years in rap, the Bronx bomber has hoisted himself atop the most celebrated of New York’s microphone fiends, but remains unheralded amongst his competitors.

The rivalry with 50 Cent carried on to Joe’s eighth album, The Elephant In The Room. Having beef with another rapper as the underlying factor, Joe never wavered from gathering an all-star cast of guest collaborators. The likes of Lil Wayne, Cool & Dre, DJ Premier, DJ Khaled, Danjahanz, and—for the first time—the Alchemist, whom were responsible for some of Joe’s success added another wrinkle in his line of timeless records. Having created a string of features where an artist dissects the songs that built their career, Joe had a bounty of tracks to sift through for our Complex interview. See Joe’s short comments from the April/May 2008 issue here, then check back next week for the audio outtakes.

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