Letter from the Editor

treats by ct ella 309March 30th, 2009 at Ella, NYC.

You’ve gotta be a pretty big deal to be considered a “renaissance man.” It’s normally a title reserved for well-rounded individuals who play various instruments, or are a triple-threat of singing, songwriting, and producing. Working in the music industry today, it’s more than a choice to wear more than one hat, it’s a pre-requisite.

I can’t say that being a deejay was the reason why I was hired as a staff member for Complex magazine. Having an appreciation of all genres of music helped at a publication that thrives on diversity. So DJ-slash-journalist is where my expertise falls; so much that my friends over at Fader magazine gave me an opportunity to contribute to the new fledgling soul music site, Suite903.com (by parent company Cornerstone Promotion), which went live this week. Branching out from my launching pad of Complex last year, my work as a writer, even deejaying has grown significantly. Take a look at the latest avenue I explored with my work at Suite903.com

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