DJ Treats x Supreeme Untitled Mixtape

frontcover-largeArt and layout by In Stereo Design.

If you liked Deconstructing Mickey Factz, then you’ll like this. See the press release below for a full description.

“All across the atlas, any demographic…” The multi-culti audience of DJ Treats is witness to his new partnership with the torchbearers of Atlanta rap’s future, Supreeme. The opening statement describing their diverse sensibility declares the union, inspired by the first song on Supreeme and Treats’ untitled mixtape. The 23-track compilation, split between the lyricism of Negashi Armada, and stellar production by Tom Cruz is a crash course in the most underrated of rap’s freshmen.

While Supreeme’s debut precedes the current era of Internet hype, they are relatively new artists. Mickey Factz (GFC-NY) shared a stage during the nascent stages of both of their careers. Then at the Atlanta Indie Fest 2009, their paths crossed again, this time, with DJ Treats backing them up for their respective performances. Yet the newbie tag conflicts with their catalog of material leading up to their re-introduction with DJ Treats. In Supreeme’s six year run, they’ve amassed: three studio albums—Church & State, Supremacy, their officially distributed LP (via Record Collection, 2006), Silver Medallion; a mixtape in 2007, American Baddass; a greatest hits LP dubbed Bronze Medallion; and the long-awaited major label release with Warner Bros., Gold Medallion. This year marks a fresh start for the duo, especially since the recent departure of former member, King Self.

Having been familiar with Supreeme’s track record since working with Negashi as an intern at Complex magazine in 2005, Treats had intentions of cementing their name amidst New York’s established skateboarding brand by the esteemed James Jebbia. DJ Mick Boogie and DJ Treats enlisted the Atlanta natives eventually when their Complex-sponsored collaboration, Leaders of the New Cool gave exposure to hip-hop’s new wave of talent. Supreeme’s supply of “Roni,” and a freestyle outtake outshined the competition. Next, on Treats’ Sneaktip All-Stars mixtape, he leaked “Laying Around” where Tom Cruz and Negashi traded scandalous tales of trifling women, backed by trippy synth chords.

While Untitled by DJ Treats and Supreeme is predominated by the group’s existing material, it’s important to note that many of the reggae-tinged songs from early in the group’s recording fit in with today’s hybrid of dancehall and electronica. Tom Cruz, also of Jamaican descent, cites obscure roots/reggae records, along with Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My” for his educated beats. Treats pairs Supreeme’s sound with the warped reggae arrangement by Major Lazer (“it” DJ/producers Diplo and Switch), and rave-friendly jungle/drum and bass remixes.

As anticipation builds for the next studio album by Supreeme, DJ Treats gives a preview of new material to appear on Gold Medallion. Most of the album which was recorded with King Self before his exit from the group, also features guest appearances by Taz Arnold of Sa-Ra fame, Supreeme affiliates Killer T, Akim Allah, and underground rhyme animal Murs, who brokered Supreeme’s record deal with Warner Bros. Get a taste of Supreeme’s latest and greatest after downloading the mixtape below. Enclosed in the download is also the Untitled .GIF file to be opened using Quicktime, which will alternate the psychedelic colors of the Rorschach cover art (courtesy of In Stereo Design).

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