The Reactable Makes Sonar NY Debut

Touch it or not.

Without sounding like a dinosaur, the DJ’s weapons of mass destruction—two turntables—are an endangered species. While the wheels of steel are still a staple to purists, and some newbies alike, changes to DJ equipment has gone digital.

Next week, the annual SONAR music festival in Barcelona will showcase a new wave of upgrades. For my first time attending SONAR’s New York leg last month, I got first glance at the touch-sensitive, LED synthesizer called the Reactable. Using a set of small blocks, the user places them onto the glowing surface, where they transmit a programmed sample. From there, you can add more blocks to alter tempos, loop sound effects, ultimately building a song; kind of like producing on the fly. See a demo of the Reactable below, plus a clip of it in action at one of Björk’s concerts.

Reactable: Basic Demo #1

Reactable Live In Berlin

Bjork Uses The Reactable For Pluto

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