Thoughts On ‘How To Be A Lady Vol. 1’

DJ Treats, so good.

I expected more in the first week sales of Electrik Red. Leading up to the May 26th release of How To Be A Lady, Vol. 1, my Twitter updates dissected select tracks—as best the 140 character quota would allot. Come to find out, the Dream and Tricky Stewart‘s protégés only ranked at 100 on Billboard‘s Top 200 albums.

A modest first impression doesn’t spell disaster though for the new leading ladies of Island/Def Jam (no offense Rihanna, and Amerie). Not peaking at Chrisette Michele numbers out the gate is forgivable, considering Eminem’s Relapse dropped the same week. In cases like these, where life hands out lemons, I’ve devised four ways for Electrik Red to dole out the best-tasting pink lemonade this summer.

electrikpower(Rockin’ from left to right: Sarah Rosette, Kyndra “Binkie” Reevey, Lesley Lewis, Naomi Allen)

Four videos deep [Ed. Note: The remix video for “So Good” also counts.] for How To Be A Lady, Vol. 1, word on the street is that Electrik Red plans “P Is For Power” as their next. Wait, so that means a new group that charted at 100 in their first week, will probably have more videos than say, leading competitor Keri Hilson (#27, in her 10th week). Sounds a little absurd. But a video for “P Is For Power” could very well be what really puts ER on the map. As I noted before, this next single could be 2009’s “Milkshake”. The thought of “the chase” never seemed so tempting, that is until reality hits from the sampled dinner bell from Kelis’ classic.

To date, the Electrik girls haven’t put out a certified ladies anthem, specifically geared at women’s beliefs—that some men would consider their delusions, the power of the “P”. Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” proved it best.

Very rarely do r&b singers have as much throw-away material as rappers. Hence, the bounty of mixtapes, and freestyles that supplement a rapper’s catalog. With How To Be A Lady, Vol. 1, written and executive-produced by the Dream, it’s arguably from his cutting room floor of tracks worthy of Mariah Carey, and Christina Milian. A fitting solution: drop a mixtape for devoted Electrik Red fans, featuring what didn’t make the cut, plus interludes that give an inside-look at this fun group of maneaters.

Having built a career as backup dancers for Usher, and Mariah Carey, Electrik Red went back to their roots when they were prominently featured in the Dream’s “Rockin’ That Thing” video. But depending on which single will follow the Dream’s latest (“Walking on the Moon”) Naomi, Binkie, Lesley, or Sarah are potential leads, similar to how Rihanna was cast as Kanye West’s muse for “Paranoid”.

The idea of a reality show that follows the lives of music video vixens sounded like a titillating idea from the network that gave us Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Candy Girls turned out to be all fluff, outside of the one angle of stylist April Roomet, a.k.a Tyson Beckford’s baby moms. If the show were re-cast, Electrik Red would have been perfect. The show which relied on petty cat fights carried the show rather than any form of camaraderie, which is ultimately what Electrik Red stands on. The idea of friendship between drop-dead gorgeous women seems impossible, but it actually exists with their long-standing friendship akin to the women from Sex and the City, or even Desperate Housewives. Smarten up E!.

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