Throwback: Private Jet Takes DJ Treats Airborne

G4“I don’t land at a airport, I call it the clearport.” – Jay-Z

It might be a little early to tell, but leaving New York last week to DJ alongside Mickey Factz has been one of the best changes in my career thus far. I’ve always been up for traveling, but other cities just never seemed like an option for deejaying. Plus flying can be expensive, especially on your own dime. Which brings me to August 2007—a taste of the life and times of Shawn Carter. I earned a free ride on a G4 private jet to the sunny, scenic-side of…Idaho. Too bad there wasn’t going to be a detour to Ibiza. But en route to a press convention for Scion, I lucked out on the baller flight when my plane was delayed. See the recap below.

I never really understood what Jay-Z was aiming at in this lyric from “Excuse Me Miss.” Then, in a matter of seconds, I stepped onto a G4 private jet in Denver, CO last night, and there wasn’t another airplane in sight, and probably wouldn’t be, that is unless Allen Iverson decided to make an impromptu visit to Philly for a cheese steak. My trip to Idaho was beyond rocky. Try spending over twelve hours in LaGuardia airport waiting on a flight, only to wait a half hour more for the runway of about twenty-something planes to take off. All this for a day of water rafting. For my hosts, Scion and Beyond Marketing Group to shell out a few thousand dollars ($5,000 per hour + fuel for a 1 hour 40 minute round trip…do the math) to get me, and my ten colleagues to Boise, Idaho STAT, that’s the least they could do, right? Well, a little bit of Hov’s choice of bubbly would have topped it off, but beer had to suffice. At least I can see clearly now. Holla!

Gulfstream G400 bottled exclusively for their customers.

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