To The Nines: Paige Reddinger

paigetotheninesShawty is a 10.

When women go shopping, there is an unspoken law that advises men to keep their distance. The designated chair or couch outside the changing room is where we field their questions relating to color, length, and “Does this make my butt look good?” To turn the tables on the one-sided retail experience, I tapped Paige Reddinger, a friend about town (downtown New York) for a rotating q&a that gives new meaning to the expression of perfection, “dressed to the nines.”

name: Paige Reddinger

occupation: Editorial Assistant at Time Style & Design

location: East Village, NYC

favorite brand: Um, where do I begin? In terms of what I cannot afford, but would love to wear: YSL. Everything Stefano Pilati does, I think looks fabulous. Also, Givenchy, I’d wear just about everything in the past two collections; or Rick Owens. Rad Hourani is a new designer, and he’s awesome. Needless to say, I have an affinity for all black. If we are talking about what I can afford…I can’t decide overall, but I guess I buy Theory a lot. I really like blazers. Also, Zara has really amazing leather jackets.

how many bags do you carry on an average shopping trip? An oversized purse containing entirely too many of my belongings, and probably about three extra ones by the time I’m done shopping.

daily shopping attire? Lately I’ve been wearing these cropped black jeans I got at Topshop with my Rag & Bone trench coat all the time.

name the last thing you bought vintage. I bought a rhinestone necklace from the ’50’s at an antique mall in Alabama.

what’s the sketchiest dressing room you’ve ever been in? Century 21, hands down. Or shall we say, curtains down? It’s basically an open dressing room—a boy’s dream, a woman’s nightmare.

what article of clothing gets the most compliments? Usually, it’s my shoes. I just got an amazing pair of heels by this brand called Pour la Victoire. But, I’d say my tight, black mini-dress from American Apparel does the trick every time.

what’s the one item you wished you bought? This cream colored Sargent Pepper-looking jacket from the Chloe sample sale.

what was the last outfit you fell asleep in? Boxer shorts and an old Yoo-Hoo T-shirt. Yikes! I need to up my game. The boxer shorts were Kim Jones though, if that counts.

what song do you think isn’t on Karl Lagerfeld’s iPod? “Reign in Blood” by Slayer

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