DJ Treats Goes Global With American Apparel

sotrtreatscovervivaCover by J. Carmelli

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DJ Treats makes the best mixes in the world. Having built a reputation also as a music editor at Complex magazine—formally known as Richard Dryden, this statement about his track record does not boast hyperbole. This Wednesday (May 27th, 2009), the conceptual mixtape project known as Michael Cera vs. Scott Pilgrim will be actually broadcast globally at all American Apparel stores. What started as an ambitious pet-project this past February—weaving together his ode to the acclaimed graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim—gained recent recognition by the trendy fashion retailer for its ecclectic blend of indie, and electro-rock.

While the forthcoming film (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) has yet to be scored, Treats created his own cinematic vision for songs that would inspire the tumultuous tale of the wide-eyed protagonist, who must defeat his girlfriend’s seven evil ex-boyfriends. The movie, directed by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead), starring Michael Cera (Superbad, Arrested Development) will bring to life the bitter heartbreak, intense action scenes, and witty humor created by author Bryan Lee O’Malley. Treats, an avid fan of the series combed the detailed panels on each page to figure out what each scene would sound like based on the referenced bands. If DJ Treats is looking for a career in musical supervision in the movie industry, he’s Hollywood swinging—for the fences that is.

The New York-based DJ, serviced Michael Cera vs. Scott Pilgrim for American Apparel’s exclusive Members Only playlists, which granted him international airplay on their Viva Radio station. For those who visit AA this Wednesday starting at 10AM sharp, will hear Treats’ unique compilation featuring Morrissey, the Pixies, and N.E.R.D. In case you miss the one-time only world-wide broadcast of Michael Cera vs. Scott Pilgrim, the playlist will be available to stream on Viva Radio’s archives ( Extending his musical reach, Treats is currently touring as the official DJ for hip-hop’s rising talent, Mickey Factz. The genre-bending duo of Treats and Mickey channel the festive vibe of dance and electronica through exciting stage shows that will push the envelope of this summer’s UCLA Jazz Festival, to the highly-anticipated Rock the Bells concert (headlined by Nas, hosted by rap pioneer, KRS-ONE). Visit for the growing list of performances. Then don’t forget, whether or not you’ve got money to spend at American Apparel, an in-store playback of Michael Cera vs. Scott Pilgrim at 10AM will be priceless.

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