Website: Where’s George?

wheresgeorge-stampThe power of the dollar.

This recession has me asking myself some difficult questions. For starters, if money comes my way, (regardless of how it was earned) would it matter if it somehow had ties to funding an underground guerrilla campaign, or (dare I say it?) a drug war? How ’bout I do myself one better: where does the money in my pocket go once it’s spent? Then a few weeks back, once I started to accept the reality that there might not be an answer to my queries, I was stumped by a purple stamp on a dollar bill. The instructions read: “Track this bill.” I figured it was like the random propaganda you find scrawled on our fine American currency. But it was weirder than Jon Stewart‘s suggestion to look for the man on the back of the $20 bill yelling, “Red team go!”

The truth is, dead presidents lay on the website, In 1998, the money tracking website was started by Hank Eskin from Massachusetts. Eskin’s D.I.Y. operation encourages users to input the bill’s serial number and the zip code it currently hails from. Thanks to the the other hundreds of millions of people that tracked bills on Where’s George, it will show the distance traveled by it’s last transaction. If you have a 1, 5, 10, or 20 dollar bill, try tracking it here. Or follow Eskin on Twitter, but neither will lead to mo’ money. Click below to see more examples of marked bills with the Where’s George stamp of approval.


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