Scott Pilgrim Covers Draw! Magazine

Please listen to my demo.

The past two weeks have been a tug and war of good news and bad news. When I picked up the Spring issue of Draw! magazine at Rocketship on Free Comic Book Day, I thought I was riding the wave of a recent streak of good luck. I couldn’t help but take it as a sign because I was also pursuing my role as an extra in the film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Hey, it was worth a shot after peeping an open casting call on a random SP forum.

On Tuesday, as I was making plans for a trek up to Toronto (where the movie is being shot) I get turned down because I’m not a Canadian citizen. According to actor’s guild protocol, and other Canadian formalities regarding extras, I didn’t fit the description. I’m not mad though; just a little bummed. It would’ve been a dope experience to be on the set of what’s turning out to be the uber-cool movie of 2010. Especially now with non-traditional costumed heroes like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Y The Last Man in development, it could be where comic books get their second wind at the box office.

These days though, all eyes are on the author, Bryan Lee O’Malley. Around the release date of the fifth volume in his acclaimed graphic novel series, my dude Tim Leong of Comic Foundry magazine continued his in-depth conversation with SP’s creator which he started in the very first issue of the then fledgling publication. For a different take, Draw! dug into more technical details about creating Scott—the determined leader of a seemingly-wack rock band, but slacker boyfriend at battle with his girlfriend’s seven evil ex’s. Over a whopping 14 pages (plus extended gallery), writer Jamar Nicholas takes readers through original sketches, along with prints from Lost At Sea, O’Malley’s first book with Oni Press. Having read such lengthy details over the course of a train ride to Manhattan, they still would have been more enjoyable on a flight up north. Check out a couple of images from Brian Lee O’Malley’s cutting floor below.

[Via Draw! magazine]




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