Jade Drops a Gem of an Interview

Photo by Yanikk Lewis.

It’s been with great pleasure to work with Jade, a singer/songwriter on her debut album, It’s My Heart Cookie. Being part of the same collective of ScottOnTheRocks, and GFC-NY, it was natural that our paths would cross. I am her DJ, and just a guy to bounce ideas off of whether in the studio, or munching on tacos at a Chinese-run taco stand.

The first time I actually met Jade though, one of the first things she said to me (with conviction) was that she was going to be famous. She should have been, a long time ago back when she and Vanessa Marquez were two thirds of a group on Pharrell’s Star Trak. On her independently released EP, Jade’s production is handled by Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids), Precize (Mickey Factz), and Jonathan Carmelli. Check for Brooklyn’s own, Theophilus London who also contributed a verse to the lead single, “Take The Hit.” Read below a quick q&a with Jade, then download It’s My Heart, Cookie.

name: Jade ā¤

age: 23

location: Candyland, NY, wherever it’s sweet.

daily grind: Getting these songs out my head so I can sleep at night.

occupational hazard: Remembering melodies 5 seconds after writing them.

favorite hangout: Brighton beach with a candy apple.

if your album scored a tv sitcom, which would it be? Flight Of The Conchords or Grey’s Anatomy…lol

what makes a good girl, bad? The decision she makes right after a heartbreak.

what article of clothing describes you best? Men’s hoodies, briefs, socks…<3

what flavor jelly belly would you be? Popcorn

who do you take the most pictures of? My miz face

summer in ny or summer in pr? Summer in NY, 2 weeks in PR. Can I please have both?

what do you have that other girls don’t? Everything and humility.

what song lyrics do you forget? Most of them, ’cause they’re written on the spot while recording..bad habit.

where was the last place you left your heart? In the wrong hands.


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