Nicole Beharie Is As American As…

Shaped like the letter “b” (‘cough’ lowercase).
Blink, and you might miss an event during New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, only to catch it again when you open your eyes during its 12-day run. That said, take a break, and draw your attention to American Violet—one independent flick not attached to the festival Robert DeNiro built. This Friday May 1st, Nicole Beharie, Alfre Woodard, Charles S. Dutton, and Xzibit tell the true story of Regina Kelly, a single-parent accused of dealing drugs in Hearne, Texas. The movie is rife with it’s share of racial tension, and discrimination, but Nicole B. carries the weighted role as her first lead since she made her debut in The Express last year.

In the trailer for American Violet, we see two sides of Nicole: a young black mom under pressure by the government, and her beautifully poised self, reluctant to show a chink in her armor. I like them both, I mean as a whole, for how the 24-year old Beharie maintains herself. BET is calling her “the next Angela Basset,” and E! News says she’s one to watch. I can get the Angela Basset comparisons, even if they’re a little early for my taste. Then if you caught the E! News profile on Nicole, you’d notice how her bright personality, and killer smile were reminiscent of Talk Soup alum, Aisha Tyler. With all due respect to some of the greats (including the ladies from the CW’s Girlfriends…R.I.P.), this Friday’s nationwide opening of American Violet will be a great day for black actresses. Yep, I said it. See the preview below.

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