DJ A-Trak’s Infinite Style

a-trakinfinity1Who you with?

The true makings of a DJ seem to be more undefined than ever before. Diddy, who was quoted in this April’s Mixmag magazine, complained about the lack of innovation by some of today’s disc jockeys. I’m not mad at him. But give us [myself included] a break: amidst every imitator, spectator—tourists, if you will, for their fly-by-night infatuation with deejaying—there is the incomparable, like A-Trak. Maybe it’s a generation gap with Diddy? A-Trak is 27-years old, a traditional hip-hop battle dj-cum-electronica turntable wizard. Oh, he’s even produced a few beats from Dipset’s J.R. Writer (“Don’t Fool With The Dips,” 2005), G.O.O.D. Music label mate GLC (“Born and Raised,” 2005), to his own collection of dance floor shakers for Nike’s collab with Apple (Running Man: Nike + Original Run, 2008). In 2009, creativity in the DJ world couldn’t have a better blueprint.

The last time I spoke at length [not on Twitter] with Alain Macklovitch was back in 2007 for a recurring style feature in Complex. As Kanye West’s tour DJ, A-Trak admitted he picked up a few pointers from Kanye that helped define his wardrobe of Nike Air Flights, and leather jackets. Two years later, A-Trak’s fashion sense is a little more tailored shifting from his clutch New Era fitted caps, to a higher-end pork-pie hat. New look, same forward-thinking sound is where the former DMC champ stands on his latest mix, Infinity+1. The party is essentially the focus, clearly by the title. But aside from his weighted synth chords, A-Trak’s choice of scratched samples are conversation pieces unto themselves. When in doubt, let Infinity+1 be the ice breaker. For a message from A-Trak and partner in crime, Jonathan the Ape, click below.




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