Rant: The Dark Victory Vs. The Dark Knight

…And the winner is?

Whew, I’ve reached 21 days strong here on DJTREATS.COM. Thanks so far for sticking it through reports on recent adventures, tech gear I’m digging, and the most titular woman in Brazil. It’s a work in progress, but there’ll be much more from the mind of DJ Treats in no time. One new addition to DJTREATS.COM is the Rant. I look at these posts as ways to pretty much shed light on an idea that’s been lurking where the sun don’t shine in my cranium. I figured for this first of many brainstorms where I could comment on the future of the Batman franchise. Why Batman? In my opinion he’s the greatest super-hero of all-time, and The Dark Knight (including Heath Ledger, himself) is one of my favorite movies of the past ten years [Ed. Note: Previously it was Fight Club] Click below to see read a recent flash of brilliance, then view pictures from The Dark Victory which illustrate my point.

I haven’t been keeping up with my Batman developments as far as the next film is concerned. In the meantime, I’ve been reading The Dark Victory. In Chapter 1: War, Carmine Falcone’s daughter is thanking Salvatore Maroni’s goons for organizing a hit on Harvey Dent in jail. They said doing the hit on Dent is the least they could do to help Falcone’s daughter, and the family, since their father did “half the job.” [Ed. Note: “half” being a play on words for the two-sided personality of Dent including the Two Face alter-ego, and the fact that half of Dent’s body was left scarred after the dangerous blast.] That quickly made me think of the hospital scene in The Dark Knight when Joker admitted that he was not the one who rigged the [explosion] charges. So who kidnapped Dent and Rachel Dawes then took them to the buildings where the plan was to kill Rachel and Harvey simultaneously?

Take a look back a few seconds before the pivotal interrogation of Joker at Gotham’s police department in the film’s “Good Cop, Bad Cop” scene. Joker told Comissioner Gordon, he thought Dent was with the police—”Gordon’s people.” “Assuming of course, they are still, ‘your’ people, and not Maroni’s.” Joker’s sharp criticism points the finger to Maroni’s influence over the officers in Gordon’s unit. Keep in mind, Maroni’s vendetta against Dent is more personal, than say Joker’s, but they are still allies in eliminating Batman from this equation of destructive campaigns.

Is the Salvatore Maroni vs. Harvey Dent thread officially broken since Dent died? in The Dark Knight? As it stands, two of the detectives that were involved in Harvey’s disappearance have yet to tell their story. Well, Detective Wuertz, and Anna Ramirez have Jim Carrey’s Riddler-sized question marks hanging over their heads. Wuertz and Ramirez both had a hand in Harvey’s disappearance after the action-packed chase scene. What is the root of their beef with Dent? Why are they helping the mob rub him out (pause)? Wuertz got what was coming to him though. After Dent escaped from the hospital, he found Wuertz planted in a bar stool, and shot him. No word yet if he’ll survive to the next film. Ramirez was pistol whipped, also by Dent by the time he caught up with ‘ol girl. On an unrelated note, it turns out that Ron Dean who plays Detective Wuertz allegedly killed a police officer back in 1955. In case you missed that story like me, see the report here. Another skeleton in The Dark Knight‘s closet. Plus, last time I checked, gangsters don’t die, they get chubby and move to Miami (so says Jadakiss). Carmine Falcone is still holed up in Arkham Asylum, and your man Maroni, he probably just suffered a few bumps and scrapes from his car accident. The next film, regardless of what angles the next director wishes to explore will be as thought-provoking this rant—less verbose, and under 2 hours and 32 minutes of nail-biting.

[*Footnote: Batman is my favorite super-hero as much as Scott Pilgrim is my favorite non super-hero—defined by the nature of how both types are drawn, and depicted for their mystical characteristics (i.e. Batman is a crime-fighting, costume-wearing, individual of the ilk of supermen. Scott Pilgrim is a 23-year old guy struggling with issues of love, and heartbreak, and chasing an all-around cool factor.)]


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