Throwback: The Killer Camel Interview

yasfxEveryone nose Yasi.

My vault of blog posts circa 2006-2007 is full of gems. Some of which puts another side of our personalities (mine included) on blast—some would cringe, others would applaud. Enter Yasi, a friend, writer, style maven, and sometimes all-around voice of reason on my Blackberry Messenger. Since writing for mags like Missbehave, Complex, and Mass Appeal (R.I.P.), she’s gone on to bigger and brighter prospects like heading up a one-stop online store for ladies only, known as Cultist shop. Those greener pastures Yasi wades in, as lucrative as they are, don’t reflect the actual color of her former wares. The LA resident’s wardrobe is as black as the street was (Chauncy Black, that is), and is on full-display at her new site, See the full post of yesteryear below.

This self-contained blog has kept its doors closed to new faces for too long. Though some strangers (i.e. weirdoes, hobos, and whores) have popped up here and there, for the most part, we’ve been on our own shit. So I figured like everything else I do when I’m sober, I’d keep it uncomfortably formal for the introduction of my friend Yasi by asking her some questions. After meeting Yasi through a mutual friend, we’ve seen quite a bit: a free skin show at a Cash Money Records listening session (awesome), dodging rush hour traffic on our bikes with no brakes (adrenaline rush), and Sway (awe-inspiring). FYI this week holds a double-dose of Sway with Moz on Sunday and Yasi’s going away shindig next Monday. Come out and say goodbye before she moves back to killer Cali, and check out her blog in our links. We do have friends outside of Citizen Paparazzi you know.

name: Yasi

age: Old enough to know better.

location: Transient.

daily grind: Starbucks iced soy latte.

occupational hazard: There’s no crying in baseball.

favorite hangout: My couch.

as a killer camel, does that mean you have a camel toe? You’re a sicko treats.

what does the lower east side need more of? Cowbell.

what does the lower east side need less of? Me.

what flavor jelly belly would you be? Pear.

who do you take the most pictures of? Myself in the mirror with dark eyeliner and a pouty face.

since everybody loves the 80s, what will it be like in 2080? Like the movie Rad but the bikes will fly.

does anyone in team awesome surf? Totally.

why do middle eastern girls rule? Because we have nuclear weapons in our purses.

favorite madonna song: “Love Song” feat. Prince

summer in ny or summer in la? Yes.

what’s fucked up about women’s fashion? “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” – Oscar Wilde

what will hipsters “be over” in the next hour? Accessorized.

3 thoughts on “Throwback: The Killer Camel Interview”

  1. A truckload of penguins breaks down on the freeway on a hot summer day.The truckdriver sees a blonde construction manager driving up in a company Suburban, so he asks the CM, “Is this car air conditioned?” The construction manager says, “Sure is”. So the truckdriver says “I’ll give you $100 to take these penguins to the zoo.” Off goes the CM and the penguins. About three hours later, the CM comes back with the car-load of penguins all wearing 3-D glasses. The truckdriver looks at the penguins in disbelief and yells, “I gave you $100 to take those penguins to the zoo!!!” The CM replies, “I did. But we had money left over so we went to a movie, too.”

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