Supreeme Talks Recession With NPR

supreeme_beach(From left to right Tom Cruz, Negashi Armada, King Self)
These tough days, it really doesn’t pay to jump at the first sign reading, “recession special.” Word to Chris Rock, “If a homeless person has a funny sign, he hasn’t been homeless that long. A real homeless person, is too hungry to be funny.” At least Chris is seeing the bigger picture to said crisis, like King Self (of Atlanta rap trifecta Supreeme) recently did when he was interviewed by NPR this past February.

The NPR special, which focused on President Obama’s first 100 days, gained some mixed reactions by local ATL-iens at Stone Soup Kitchen. We know Supreeme’s rep for cooking up some robust shit, but recently, King Self is putting in that real work as a part-time line chef. Sam Terrell, as he’s referred to in the article, has high hopes of entrepreneurship despite the economic downturn. That’s why this year, [quote me on this] the world will learn about Supreeme as the avant-garde of today’s rap rookies. Read an excerpt from NPR’s piece after the jump, and check for Supreeme’s “Laying Around” on The Sneaktip All-Stars.

King Self On The Upside Of A Downturn

Terrell, a soft-spoken 23-year-old, is actually a rapper. He’s happiest when he’s on the road, doing shows with Supreeme, his Atlanta-based hip-hop group.

He came outside with me so we could pop one of his CDs into my rental car.

“This is called ‘The Best Years’ right here,” Terrell said as one of his songs played. “We’re kind of being ironic. At the same time, this is the best time in our life, it’s also the economy’s bad, everything is sort of crazy, everybody’s losing their jobs, and, you know, record companies are kind of slow. But we’re still out here enjoying ourselves, making the best rap, just living it up the best we can, because these are the best years of our life.”

I bought Terrell’s CD for $10, so his message and his music are sticking with me as I drive on south.


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