Blag Magazine Volume 2 No. 10 With N.E.R.D.

doublenerdLive at the bar code.
When N.E.R.D. covers a magazine, it always seems like a big deal, even when it isn’t. But the group is always relevant or at least Pharrell will be (outside of music), which in part made them subjects for Sally and Sarah Edwards of last summer’s issue of blag magazine.

The U.K.’s bi-annual lifestyle magazine has been in print since ’95. They equally cover fashion, music, and lifestyle with some pretty vibrant photography. Sarah takes photos, Sally does design and art direction (plus they’re experienced DJs), but these wonder twins also split publishing duties. If you’ve seen the mag, dropped $13.99 for it, hated or loved what you read, you still have to commend their coffee-table style of making a worthy read for so many years. And their interviews are hotter, with their simple conversational approach as opposed to the industry standard blueprint of q’s: “Who’s on your album?” “Who do you have beef with?” “And what’s your feelings about ‘X’ individual.” Step your game up. Read quotes from the interview below, peep blag‘s back cover.

Pharrell on print vs. the internet

I feel sorry for print because print at one point was a real true mark in evolution for mankind, before the printing press… Like, the printing press really sped up. It was the world’s first information highway before that there were just telegrams and letters. And when the printing press came out, [it was] newspapers that really connected people in a way that they’d never been connected since maybe like the Tower of Babel, if you’re religious — in other religions other cultures, there are very similar stories, but the printing press was the next thing.

Pharrell on “the scene”

Isn’t it interesting to be a part of a ‘scene’ and not be there? To have influence on certain scenes but to not actually physically partake in them. [pauses] It is for me, anyway. To make music, but to not necessarily hang out where it’s played. It’s interesting for me, I just wanted to know if it was interesting to you?



*So I’m a bit late on this issue, but the newsstand managed to still have it in clear view with the other imported mags.

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