Mixtape: DJ Treats X The Sneaktip All-Stars

dj-treats-x-sneaktip-front-copyCover art by Melissa Patenaude
You might be familiar with most of the names and faces on the cover of The Sneaktip All-Stars, but when you hear the mixtape, you’ll find a breadth of other new talent making waves throughout the music industry. I gotta acknowledge all the artists whose existing work I heavily researched via previous mixtapes (that you might have missed in their flooding of the blogosphere), plus good folks like Marty McFly, Jade, and The Unusuals whom are appearing for the first time with songs like “Lifestyle,” “Take The Hit,” and “Three Horses,” respectively. In celebration of this mixed batch of rap, r&b, and dance music, you’ll be able to hear most of these tracks, plus a few more I’ve been saving for the special occasion this Wednesday at Arrow Bar in the Lower East Side (NYC). Peep the flyer and a streaming link below.

(Full download coming this week)

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