Throwback: DJ Treats Live At The Loft

Relax and take notes.Relax and take notes.

Last December, Saint from GFC-NY advised that I contribute to a new blog moderated by the GFC family. The goal of Words From is to serve as a time capsule of one-off pieces written by folks involved in music, fashion, or simply, people GFC admires. Jade, and Chuck Inglish are in the books, and so am I. See an excerpt below, then get introduced to Theophilus London who’s loft party inspired the story.

Loft parties or the “free houses” held by my high-school friends, while their parents vacationed at their fancy country homes have been with me since junior high school. I’ve trusted their reputation for fun for over ten years now. So far, house parties haven’t let me down, no matter how ambitious these liberal party-throwers get with their unique themes, and strict rules and regulations. There’s no denying the upside to being 16, unsupervised to make yourself at home by eating, drinking, smoking, inhaling, the cabinet of drugs and alcohol at your disposal, at least for the time being.

Via Words From

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