Chloe Sevigny’s Second Opening Ceremony Line

chloeHey bell-bottoms, Studio 54 called…

As far as menswear goes, at first glance, Chloe Sevingy’s new Fall collection would seem more fitting for the androgynous bunch. But what Chloe has in store for the chic boutique Opening Ceremony isn’t as asymmetrical, and feminine after all. Some of the sweaters and trousers actually seem masculine enough to not be confused with what’s hanging in your lady’s closet. Homegirl from Connecticut, who came up in New York in the ’90s still embraces the tomboy look of baggy tops (i.e. cardigans) meanwhile keeping legs on open display—one of Chloe’s finest physical attributes. Before her line took off last year, in 2006 HBO’s Big Love co-star frequented my former DJ residency, SOHO 323 (a.k.a. NOCA Lounge, R.I.P.). On an off-night, when I attempted to dance with her, she mushed me in the forehead, which any self-respecting girl from the Big Apple would do when rejecting a come-on. She hasn’t lost her signature edge one bit. See samples from her Opening Ceremony line below.


[ nitro:licious]

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