Meet Mulher Melancia: Treats’ Brazil Recap Part 2

mulher-melancia21Step to the rear.

What is round, pink on the inside, and is the object of every man’s affection? The juicy Mulher Melancia, which means “Watermelon Woman” in Portuguese. [Ed. Note: She is also listed as Garota Melancia, translated to “Watermelon Girl.”] Get it? OK, even if my riddle doesn’t make you roll on the floor laughing, instead you’re rolling on the floor panting at the sight of Mulher Melancia’s sensational body. Now as far as shapely women go, let’s face it, there are the usual suspects: Beyoncé, Trina (in her hey day), Kim Kardashian, and most recently Joe Budden’s wife Tahiri that hold the title for their pear-shaped frames stateside. Go south of the equator, you’ll find Andressa Soares, and her lower half.

I’ll admit, to objectify a woman by her physical attributes is shameful…so they say. What’s inside is as important as the outside. In Brazil though, where women pride themselves on their physical appearance, exploring Andressa Soares’ exterior (posterior) is just the natural thing to do. I first discovered Mulher Melancia on a Brazilian talk/variety show called Super Pop on RedeTV!. The show’s host, Luciana Gimenez dissected the 20-year old triple threat (model/dancer/singer) from her watermelon-colored Lycra body suit, down to the 47″ that make up her hips. The program lasted 90-minutes, airing a dance performance by Soares (plus her backup dancers), her actual workout routine in front of the studio audience, on-the-street segments where a female correspondent dressed in a butt prosthetic to fool male spectators, and lastly a photoshop tutorial. But Mulher Melancia, who also covered Playboy in April 2008, photoshopped or not, is the real deal. Watch clips from that very show below, and catch a bonus peek at what Super Pop has to offer.






12 thoughts on “Meet Mulher Melancia: Treats’ Brazil Recap Part 2”

  1. No wonder brazilian women are treated as objects… I am Brazilian and very ashamed of those strippers on tv. If you go to Brasil and watch tv you will see what I’m talking about. It is disgusting and demeaning. Glad that I’m now living in America and away from all of that. Thank God.

  2. Natasha, i’m Brazilian too and i don’t “ashamed” of those girls… Well maybe ’cause i’m pretty(probably you’re ugly and have jealousy of Andressa). They are finishing with the stereotype of “to be beautiful, must be skinny”.

    1. How could anyone be jealous of such trash? Who cares about “mulher melancia”?I’m a Gorgeous professional dancer and I can tell you something: she is not a dancer. The only thing she does is shake that fat ass, she has no technique. She is a clown and I can’t stop laughing at that video. What a joke!

  3. Eli, Natasha is a very pretty model and I don’t think she is jealous of “mulher melancia”. Who cares about that trash anyway? I don’t. It is not the fact that she is fat and not skinny that is the problem. She calls herself a dancer but you can’t call that dancing. The only thing she does is shake that fat ass in a very demeaning way and if she doesn’t care about being a sexual object I couldn’t care less. I am, by the way, a very gorgeous professional dancer and believe that woman has no technique so she should stop calling herself a dancer. That is an insult to the dance comunity. So the “stripper title” fits her very well, actualy not even that, strippers dance better than her.

    1. Shut up! You are envious! And by the way stripper until Playboy comes knocking on your door and your DVD sells well over a million copies like hers did you should have nothing to say at all! And by the way! FYI she is well versed in over 5 somba (sorry for the bad spelling) styles of dance! And none of them require a pool! And strippers don’t make the money that woman makes and the ones that do ain’t got nothing to say because they respect her game! The reason you don’t is because your broke and still scooping up singles!

  4. Mulher Melancia? You’ve got to be kidding, right? Is that a joke? That is the funniest video I have ever watched!!! I really need to post that one on my facebook so people can laugh with me! Hahaha

  5. Hey everyone, I’d like to know if anyone has a suggestion about a good town or city to get a job as a stripper. I just got laid off and I am willing to pretty much move anywhere if there is an opportunity there for me to make some good money as a stripper. I am 22 years old and have a really tight body. Any ideas about good strip clubs to dance at?

  6. Well, Im a guy, and therefore, my opinion is best trusted, SHE IS HOT LIKE MEXICO. the things I would do to those watermelons…

  7. don’t have the resources to maintain those melons.She’s not from this planet that’s how amazing she is to me………i’m done(what dream gal).

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