DJ Treats Experiences the Pacemaker

I’ve officially given up on Apple’s mp3 players. My iPod Nano works great, but let’s face it, it’s not for dj’s. Numark tried to bring the best of both worlds together, digital and analog when they built a mixer for overnight dj’s to seamlessly transition from track to track, but it’s shelf life ran shorter than a pair of Apple’s flimsy ear buds. The brains at Numark could have at least made it so you can use one ipod instead of two, then expand the functionality to looping, and filtering effects on songs. Anything that innovative would be way too complicated for anyone too lazy to invest time, and effort into actually becoming a real DJ. Enter the Pacemaker. The Swedish export combines 120 GB (think iPod), into a two channel mixer, with all the bells and whistles to take your ears to a proper rave in Ibiza.

I cosigned this new device the minute I heard about it. Even Chad and Pharrell know what’s up. For weeks, I hounded the tech guys to test it out until they made their way to Complex to give me a hands on demo. Dude came through with a portable JBL speaker system, a headphone to RCA wire, and within seconds, I was transported back to my summer in Barcelona. I saw the second coming of deejaying, all without the help of hallucinogens. The Pacemaker does everything iPods can’t—pitch, bend, cue, loop, filter, and above all, crossfade. Despite the $600+ price tag, it’s a pretty good investment for anyone, amateurs or pros. But wait, there’s more. You have the choice to save your mixes for publishing in their online community—bye MySpace, bye bye Nano.

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